c. 5 minutes

Written for the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Workshopped by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Mark Heron at City Halls, Glasgow on 3rd March, 2017.

Programme Note

I have always loved submarine films. As a child, I loved the cat and mouse cold war-esqe subterfuge films of the Americans and Russians chasing each other around the world. Recently I’ve been watching more of the haphazard comedy films like Down Periscope; these two opposing genres create a world occupied by submarines in my mind.


Symphony Orchestra
(2 Flutes (1 db. Picc.), 2 Oboe, 2 Clarinet in B flat, 2 Bassoons. 2 Horns in F, 2 Trumpets in B flat, Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone, Tuba. Timpani, Percussion (2 Players) (Vibraphone, Tam-Tam, Suspended Cymbals, Marimba, Glockenspiel). Violin 1 (10 players), Violin 2 (8 players), Viola (6 players), Cello (6 players), Double Bass (4 players))