Geiriau Yn Fy Mhen

c. 3 minutes

Programme Note

I have known Mike Jenkins for almost ten years, he was my English teacher at Radyr Comprehensive School.

For as long as I have known him I have also known his poetry. When I read Geiriau Yn Fy Mhen I knew this was a poem I wanted to set to music. I am incredibly thankful that Mike has allowed me to use his poem and the text of the poem is printed below, along with an English language translation.

Geiriau Yn Fy Mhen

Mae geiriau yn fy mhen
fel adar sy’n hedfan:
rhai prin, rhai cyffredin

adar du yn yr awyr gwyn
ond pob un gyda phluen
yn lliwgar fel y paun

dw i’n dal rhai
yn fy nwylo weithiau;
yn sydyn, mae nhw wedi mynd

dw i’n ceisio darganfod
ble mae nhw’n byw:
dinas neu pentre? mynydd neu goed?

mae geiriau yn fy mhen
yn canu o chwedlau a hanes;
caneuon trist, caneuon hapus.

Words In My Head

Words in my head
like birds circling:
some rare, some common

black words on white air,
each one with feathers
colourful as peacocks

I hold some of them
in my hands at times;
suddenly, they take off

I try to find
where they are living:
city or village? woods or mountain?

words in my head
sing of myths and history;
some sad, some happy.